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My name is Lauren Redhead and I am a composer from the UK.
I am interested in new music and new aesthetics.

Organ+Electronics Tour: Canterbury Christ Church University 07.03.2014

I’m now in the process of organising all of the documentation from the organ+electronics tour.

Some of it will become a CD, but the rest will be available online.
here is the first instalment, a recording of the whole concert performed at CCCU on 07.03.2014. This concert was special because it was performed in the dark and without a break. This was a really interesting way to perform, and the audience thought it a really interesting way to listen to the music as well.

Organ+Electronics Tour: Canterbury Christ Church University 07.03.2014 from Lauren Redhead on Vimeo.


Creative Pact 2 Day 13: Alice Hui-Sheng Chang

Today’s composer is Alice Hui-Sheng Chang. I’ve really enjoyed her work: she is focused on the use of the voice in improvisation and uses a lot of extended vocal sounds and extraneous parts of the voice in her performances.

There’s a variety of work to explore on her website, including some very interesting installations, although it isn’t possible to embed them in this post.

Here is a short video of one of her solo performances:

and here is a video of a longer vocal performance. Her vocal style is quite surreal, it’s worth listening for a while to really get into her performances.


Creative Pact 2 Day 12: Dana Reason

The majority of the composers I’ve featured so far have been either acoustic or electronic composers so maybe it is time for a change. How about some jazz?

I’ve already heard some great music as part of this project, but also I’m ready to be surprised. I’m working my way through the list of suggestions I was given, and I’m really happy that someone (who?) suggested this composer whose music was perfect for nearing the end of Friday at work:

Dana Reason is a composer and a performer from the US. She’s also a lecturer and a researcher, and her bio tells me:

her research in popular music centers upon the relationship between improvised strategies and popular culture. She also examines performativity, the gendered body and community through big and small data

which sounds pretty cool.

Here’s the title track from her recent album Reasoning:

I also loved the slight bizarreness of this piano performance of Transitions:


Creative Pact 2 Day 11: Ida Lundén

Creative Pact today has been somewhat rudely interrupted by people cutting down a giant tree right outside of my window. Today’s music sounds good even with added tree-destruction, though.

Ida Lundén is a Swedish composer who works in a range of styles, including chamber music and electronic composition, and most recently (it seems from her site) spoken word composition.

I can’t include a link to her music here, you need to visit her website, choose “Listen!” and then you can hear her pieces in a pop-out window. There’s even a piece for sampler and organ there Han, and works for some more unusual instruments like zither and music boxes. I particularly enjoyed her piece for double basses, Susa Donker Low. I also enjoyed how she includes the sound of old recordings, or the idea of ‘old fashioned’ performance in many of the works.


Creative Pact 2 Day 10: Angela Parkins

Today’s composer is Andrea Parkins.

I only have time for a really short post today because being back at work is a lot busier than I was ready for, so I’ll mainly post some links and let you discover her music for yourself.

The first thing that I listened to was this sound walk that she has posted online:

Untitled from andrea parkins on Vimeo.

I really like the singing in the background and how this makes you think about the divide between ‘sound’ and ‘music’.

On her sound cloud page she has mainly electronic works. In many of them she uses unexpected sounds, like in the trackunder the rivier pavia. In contrast, Room One, Study #1 is more meditative and subtle:

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